NewSong Church press release – The Santora Arts Building is Now in Escrow

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The Santora Arts Building is Now in Escrow
Creative community organization leads the purchase of The Santora and pledges to keep it devoted to the arts. 

Orange County, California (April 24, 2012) ICONIC, HISTORIC, HIP, ARTIST BUILDING known as the SANTORA, located in downtown Santa Ana, is now in Escrow.  Groundbreaking took place on July 7, 1928. It now houses art galleries, retail stores and restaurants. Notables like Al Capone, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny and George Burns frequented the SANTORA. NEWSONG, a young vibrant community/church of artists, creative, innovators, entrepreneurs, and community development leaders plan to continue the rich history of the SANTORA as well as support the arts movement in Santa Ana. Dave Gibbons, the founder, actively advises artists and executives in New York City, Los Angeles, Seoul, Thailand and Brazil.
The planned purchase will be to continue and even improve the Santora’s place in Orange County as a hub for all things creative.  Discussions ranging from the creation of a community arts theater to artistic opportunities for Santa Ana youth are only in the dream phase at this point.

 Shaun King, NEWSONG Director of Communications states, “At this stage of the process, we aren’t rushing into any particular plans for the building until we really get to know and understand the heart of the current tenants and community stakeholders.  We love Santa Ana, have a rich history here, and we love the arts.  When we learned that the building was for sale, we saw this as an opportunity to ensure that The Santora didn’t just become a random office complex with a rich history, but that it would serve as a regional and even an international hub for the creative community.  Our dream is a harmonious community partnership at every level and we want to preserve the historical integrity of this beautiful building.”

NEWSONG has formed a separate LLC that will be leading this process.  While in escrow, confidential and professional review of the legal, physical, and financial information is being discussed.  As with large financial investments involving an iconic community property and many people, careful consideration is being made towards the current and future condition and use of the property.

Tom Greer, CFO

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