Finances for a Church Planting Pastor

found a “Financial Security Survey for Church Planters” that had a good short list of questions to consider as a part of counting the cost…

Checking out your family financial security: [This survey is only for ministry leaders currently planting a new church, a multi-site location, or leading a new church that is less than seven years old]

Do you or someone on your behalf contribute at least ten percent of your annual income into a retirement account?

Do you or someone on your behalf provide life insurance on you equal to at least five times your annual salary?

Do you or someone on your behalf provide disability insurance equal to at least two-thirds of your actual salary?

If not, why not [Check as many as apply]

  • Cannot afford it.
  • Do not see the need.
  • Too young to consider these things.
  • God or my ministry will provide a way.
  • Never thought about it.
  • My denomination or sponsoring group does not provide these benefits.
  • Chose health insurance or some other benefits rather than these.
  • Plan to focus on these after I pay off my education loans.
  • I am doing some in one or more of these areas but not to these levels.
  • My spouse has a generous retirement plan

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