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Asians In Battle for California Score Supremacy

In The Far East Rises in the West Steve Sailer, perhaps American’s nicest guy in comparing which groups are REALLY on top does an article in a section problematically titled “Race and Supremacy”.

He looks over surnames of the National Merit semifinalists based on PSAT scores, an SAT warmup with offers the carrot of a scholarship. (Last time I noticed, I think there were separate awards for minority groups, lest anybody object to African Americans being denied a fair share on the basis of test scores) This is the sort of comparisons I did in the 90s. He sees a battle between the Indians (the Asian kind) and the Chinese for most over-represented, while the Filipinos who have often argued that they are an under-performing minority actually score about as well as whites, though there are far fewer Hispanics surnames from any group. He cites some internet guy Rec1man as observing that while “only a tiny fraction of India’s population is South Indian Brahmin, Rec1man estimates from surnames that over half of California’s Indian semifinalists are from this caste.” I had already observed at colleges like MIT that Chinese account for half of the Asian Americans even though they are but a quarter of the general population, while southeast Asian refugee groups other than Vietnamese are generally under-represented at the top. He didn’t do a comparison often done for CEOs and senators of Jewish surnames, though in surveys I’ve done show Jews far ahead of Asians in terms of corporate and government leadership, and ahead of Asians in general, about equal with Chinese in academic awards, and perhaps a bit behind the Brahmin Indians though that was back in the 90s.

He asks if “these outsized Asian elite scores represent higher intelligence, better work ethic, more conniving test preparation, or some combination of all three? And if innate intelligence proves to be a factor, how long will policymakers be able to continue denying it?” Taki magazine is also home for the redneck wisdom of Joe Bob Briggs as well as people who dabble at the edges of white nationalism such as Pat Buchanan and John Derbyshire. Some of these guys including Sailer also appear on Peter Brimelow’s far more controversial VDARE site which appears to be fighting for its survival as it has been characterized as a “white nationalist” site by none less than the Southern Poverty Law Center. So far the bulk of Asians have stuck with the race-hustling left which I also find troubling.

I believe Asians need to be able to explain and justify a world where it is ok for some people to work harder and smarter. They should be allowed to apply on a equal basis to the Lowell examination high schools and colleges like Harvard free from the quotas once imposed on Jews. It’s a bad idea to only let the neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, White nationalists who increasingly appear to be mixed up with Ron Paul, Alex Jones or David Duke supporters whose foreign policy views appear to be “non-Muslims for Islam not Israel” pushing for Justice for Palestine ending any talk of war against Iran or Al Queda. It’s clear justice to these folks means imposing injustice on other groups, they are not really about fairness for whites and Asians. For this reason, Asians, not just White and Black liberals need to take a good look at the racist right. Today’s movement which infests the internet with websites like Stormfront and fills youtube with all sorts of hate video has roots in people like Francis Parker Yockey who who first planted a neo-Nazi movement and holocaust denial movement in the US just after WWII. It now seems to revolve around the many projects of America’s foremost anti-Semite Willis Carto who seems to have fused the American Nazi dislike of “zionists” with the War Against Israel being waged by Islamists of both the Muslim Brotherhood variety (the folks behind the Arab Spring who also gave birth to Al Queda) and Iran (who opposes revolutions against Libya and now its client state of Syria). I think it’s good and healthy to take the view of people like Thomas Sowell that people have different histories and backgrounds. There is no way we can expect government to enforce the ridiculous notion that it is the role of government to equalize ever group that has a grievance against another group that may have more income or education, an approach that can’t possibly work in the favor of Asians. It doesn’t work that well for African Americans if they are ever to break out of dependence on racial politics. But we have to be wary of true bad guys who want to exploit hatred between groups rather than engage in a little friendly and constructive rivalry to look at which groups are doing things right that other groups can learn from. Asians can learn much from African Americans in things other than how to study your brains out trying to break into Harvard, such as how to break into sports, politics and popular culture.