Remove Ads From ‘Special Offers’ Kindle for $30 | Gadget Lab |

So you bought a Kindle with “Special Offers.” Maybe you were a little light on cash. Maybe you thought the ads wouldn’t bother you. Maybe you figured the prospect of saving $30-$40 and never having to see that awful Emily Dickinson screensaver ever again was too good to be true. Whatever. I won’t judge. But I can point you to absolution.

Now Amazon will let you buy yourself out of your foolish mistake. Yes, you can remove the ads from an ad-supported Kindle — as long as you have $30. Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader explains how. It is in fact dead easy, with no begging, pleading calls to Amazon customer service required. You just visit the “Manage Your Devices” page at Amazon and de-register the ads. You pay $30 and you’re done.

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