For those of you pinching your pennies or your love handles, there are ways to prevent the creation of a seven-dollar, 700-calorie cup of yogurt:

Samples are super: Take advantage of as many samples as possible before filling your cup. Nobody likes to waste money and cup space on flavors they do not care for.

Toppings are top priority: If you add a mound of M&Ms to that dish of yogurt, the calorie count will skyrocket. Choose flavor-packed toppings where a little goes a long way, like a dusting of crushed Butterfinger or Heath.

Weight is a heavy issue: Select lighter toppings, such as Kit-Kat, crushed cookies, almond slivers, mini chocolate chips, shredded coconut or sprinkles, and avoid heftier toppings like M&Ms.

Cups are better half-empty: Do not let the giant cup size fool you; most are a whopping twelve to sixteen ounces! This gimmick encourages customers to create monstrous-sized concoctions. Although a half-filled cup may look puny, your wallet and waistline will thank you. (You could load your cup with fruit, but keep in mind that fruit can be a heftier topping.)

Now you are now armed with “yogurt survival cliff notes,” and just may get out of the shop with a six-ounce, 250-calorie, $3.50 dish of yogurt!

via Yogurtland opens in St. Petersburg | Daily Loaf.