Linsanity is not Jeremy Lin.

Linsanity is not a nickname, meme or trending topic.

Linsanity is something much bigger:

Linsanity is unexpected human triumph.

Linsanity is the dream we all have that talent is more important than systems, politics, connections or The so-called Man.

Linsanity is when the establishment is profoundly shaken.

Linsanity is when Spike Lee and a grandmother in Pasadena start tweeting about the same thing.

Linsanity is when something really human happens in a previously very fabricated set of circumstances.

Linsanity is being crazy enough to take the opportunity in front of you.

Linsanity is a state of defying pressure and creating a new set of wildly unexpected expectations.

Linsanity is a little piece of imagination that tickles us when it spontaneously becomes real.

Linsanity is stranger than fiction.

Linsanity would be a cheesy unbelievable Hollywood movie.

But since it’s real, it’s inspiring and extraordinary.

Linsanity is the intersection of hyperbole and truth.

Linsanity is hope personified.

I hope there is no cure for our case of Linsanity.

via (11) What is the definition of Linsanity? – Quora.