Why So Many Asian American Fans Are Going Linsane


           Photo from the NY Times

Some of the greatest moments in sports occur when the story is about more than just sports. Although up to this point he has only had 3 noteworthy games in his professional basketball career, New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is on the verge of having a great sports moment. Cut by two teams in the space of a month, now Lin has barely escaped having to put his Harvard degree to use in finding an alternate career, by winning the starting point guard job for the Knicks.  In the last half-week, he’s turned a losing team missing two of its all-star players, into a decisive winner of 3 straight games. In the process, he’s become a sensation.

Jeremy Lin is positioning himself to break down the yellow-color barrier in professional sports. Asians and Asian-Americans have played professional NBA basketball before. But Lin…

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