How to turn off personal results on Google

via Turn off personal results – Web Search Help

You can see what your results look like without personal content by clicking the globe button on the top right-hand side of your search results page. This setting is session-specific, meaning that if you close your browser, personal results may appear next time you search. You can switch back to seeing personal results by clicking the  personal results button.

You can turn off personal results in your search settings . This action is account-specific, meaning that personal results will remain disabled as long as you’re signed in to your Google Account .

  • Click the  gear in the top right corner of the search results page.
  • Click Search settings.
  • In the “Personal results” section, select “Do not use personal results.”

If you turn off personal results and stay signed in to your Google Account, you won’t see results personalized based on your Google+ circles (or suggested connections), Google products, or your search history.

If you turn off personal results and sign out of your Google Account, you may still see personalized results and results based on the context of your search.