don’t use ZAGGsmartbuds for recording audio on laptops

ZAGGsmartbuds are great for smartphones, with earbuds to hear sounds and a noise cancellation mic for phone calls. BUT don’t use them on a Skype video call or recording audio on a laptop – in my case, a MacBook Pro laptop. Not sure what might result on a Windows PC. It creates an audible buzz on the recording, and probably on the phone call made through Skype or VoIP webinar or Ustream or maybe other computer-based audio situations. Of
course the buzz was unbeknownst to me.

You won’t find this noted on the product description or fine print. You might not find out until after you buy the product, like I did.

When I contacted ZAGG tech support, here was their response:

“The ZAGGsmartbuds are not designed to be used as a digital recording device for laptops. The buds are meant to provide an outlet for communication and media control on your SmartPhone. I apologize for any confusion, but this has not been confirmed as an issue with the ZAGGsmartbuds.”

The customer service did offer a product replacement, minus shipping. That’s okay, no thanks. But I sure wish I knew the limitations of what I was buying upfront.