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Trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s your iPad – CNN.com


  • Changing your computer or iPad’s screen settings to make the display dimmer or take blue hues out of the display at night may also help, researchers said.

    A free, downloadable program called F.lux will automatically adjust the hues on your computer screen to eliminate blues when the sun starts setting — and then replace them when it rises again.

Content is King | Spence Smith


  • There’s one thread that seems to run through what I see in life. Everyone has a story. It’s the details of their story that makes that person unique in their own special way.

    The story is always great content thus content will always be king.

Pool of available ministers mismatched to churches’ needs


  • Leadership gaps. Almost half of Presbyterian congregations (4,857 churches) have no installed pastor. Some are being served by an interim pastor or by a “stated supply” – ministers who arrange to fill in on a temporary basis. Some are served by commissioned lay pastors. But about 2,000 congregations have no identified pastoral leader at all.

    Commissioned lay pastors. Most presbyteries – 131 of 173 – use commissioned lay pastors, and across the denomination the number of CLPs has grown from 200 to about 700 over the last eight years. About 10 percent of them serve racial-ethnic or immigrant congregations. Most of the rest are serving small white congregations. According to Myers, 70 percent of the CLPs serve in places where ordained ministers aren’t willing to serve. “For the most part they are filling the gap,” she said, of small congregations that can’t afford a full-time pastor or can’t find one willing to move there.

Successful Fundraising | YourChurch.net


  • Churches that conduct their own campaigns tend to produce results at about 50 percent of the professionally-led campaigns. These churches do well to raise an amount equal to their annual budget. Churches that use consultants often raise two (or more) times their annual budget in three-year commitments to their capital campaign.

 The United Methodist Portal


  • “The most effective people dealing with antagonists are lay people—and not necessarily lay leaders,” Mr. Haugk said. “A non-clergy, non-staff person has tremendous power to say, ‘Enough of this. This is bad behavior.’ Tell the person that he or she is out of order.”

Why I don’t follow @RickWarren « Tither of Innovation


  • Rick’s tweets read like a page from a book and i’d rather just buy the book.

How to Be a Meetup Group Organizer | eHow.com


  • However, there is a Meetup fee for people to create a group and host it on Meetup. After a free 30 day trial period, the present fee is $19 per month if you pay by the month, $15 per month if you pay three months at a time, or $12 per month if you pay six months at a time. For this fee, you can organize up to three groups.

Conflict Resolution in Chinese Churches


  • Conflict Resolution in Chinese Churches 
    By Johan Fu
    Chinese Around The World, March 2001, pages 6-11

    Conflict is a fact of church life. All churches are sometimes involved in conflict situations, which may lead to the regrettable consequences of animosity among Christians and of division within the church. Unity is one of the crucial factors for an effective ministry that honours the Lord Jesus. Conflict often comes to threaten this unity. How do we then respond to conflict? This is a question that every church leadership committee needs to consider.

What Webinar Service do you use? | Tech Advice | MLM Home Business Training Forums | betternetworker.com


  • I have multiple online conferences each week. Online training, “How to” conferences, sharing the Gold Star opportunity for starting your own Business Referral Club. (Check out http://www.goldstarreferralclubs.com/1058 and http://www.goldstarbusiness.com.)

    I have tried a lot of Webinar Services, and here is what I found:

    If you’re looking to get participants together for a telephone conference and don’t need to show a presentation, try FreeConferenceCall.com or WhistleTree.com. WhistleTree also offers pay as you go for Webinars, but I’m not sure of pricing.

    iLink.com – Stinks! Yuck! RUN AWAY! And I mean that! I wanted a “trial” to check it out, and they didn’t offer one at the time! I tried them in May 2009. Paid $69 for a month. Cumbersome. Very Expensive. Terrible instruction videos on how to use their system. When I discontinued using them, after just 2 weeks, I was interviewed for over an hour, giving feedback to the marketing department about why I was leaving. They agreed with me, and the very nice lady said, “They’re working on it.” Not good enough for me, and I like other services better, and the other are less expensive. (They could have improved since then, and I see one of the people responding here had a free trial. Change can be good.)

    If screen sharing – showing a Power Point – is all you want to do for a small number of people, like 10 or less – Mikogo.com might be an option, it is free.

    DimDim.com is also free, and limited to 20 people. The Pro version is about $25/month for 50 people.

    Skype.com could also be an option, again, it “forces” people to be at the computer with headphones and a microphone, to join you. Sometimes, all your attendees want is to call in to listen. It is a free service after joining.

    Go to Training is around $150/month for 200 people. I recently used the “Beta” version and regret that I’m giving it up because the cost.

    Go To Webinar is Great, but high per month fee, however, you can give access to a 1,000 people.

    I currently use GoToMeeting.com. Easy to use, relatively “inexpensive” at $39/month (Internet Offer Pricing) or Regularly at $49/month for 15 viewers. No video, but you can record your conferences – audio and Power Point, download, and share them with something like Box.net. If you need more than 15 participants, the next level is about $100/month for 50 people.

    Webex.com is good, lots of features, including video of you and your audience – if they have a camera. Relatively easy to use and runs about $50/month for about 25 people. Used this before, when it was $70/month, I didn’t need all the features, and went to Go To Meeting for cost savings.

The Social Media Money Formula | Small Business Trends


  • OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me show you the formula:

    Now you need to know what each of the variables stands for:

    R = Revenue per sale
    Cg = Cost of goods
    F = Number of followers/friends
    Cr = Click rate (what % of followers click on your social media links and go to your site)
    Or = Opt-in rate (what % of the people that clicked opted into receive info from ou via email)
    Pr = Purchase rate (what % of the people that opted in actually bought from you)
    h = Hourly rate for your social media efforts
    T = Amount of time you spend on social media

Metamosis – Webinar directory. The web’s most concise directory for webinars and web conferences.


  • A Webinar is a live video presentation delivered via the internet with two-way audio communication by phone. Participants will see the presentation slides on their own computer monitor and can ask questions anytime during the event. These are presentations that you “attend” from the comfort of your own home, office, or any location that has a computer and a telephone. 

    Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet. In a web conference, each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the internet. This can be either a downloaded application on each of the attendees’ computers or a web-based application where the attendees access the meeting by clicking on a link distributed by e-mail (meeting invitation) to enter the conference. 

    What is the difference between <href=”http: http://www.webex.com.au=”&#8221; smb=”” webinars-online-events.html=””>webinars and webcasts?
    •Webinars are online seminars or presentations with interactive elements. You can interact with the audience, let people “raise their hand” to ask questions, take polls and more.
    •Webcasts are presentations without the interaction, like watching a film rather than attending a workshop.

    Webinars allow you to reach out to people all over the world without the travel schedules and expenses. Connect and collaborate with more people in less time. Webinars can also be recorded and played back later, so that those who missed the live event can still watch and learn. 

Using the POST Method to Craft a Social Media Strategy for Ministry | ChurchCrunch


  • One of the most significant changes in your perspective and understanding is that your strategy is not a tool or a technology. Rather, your technology and tool is an execution point that is informed by your People, Objectives, and Next Steps. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools are not a strategy/strategies. Rather, they are tools that help a ministry succeed in their mission to reach unreached people groups through online mediums (which can mean that you’ll use a number of different specific techs).

    One tension, or rather challenge perhaps, is awareness and education, which are two key ingredients for your continued success. More often than not, all your staff and personnel need is to first be made aware of these technologies and then second to be trained or educated on how to use them well.

    Find people or sources who can be “outposts” for your ministry and who can continue to keep your ministry “in the loop” in terms of changing technology practices, tools, and resources.

    4 Questions / Considerations:

    1. Remember, your strategy is not a tool nor a technology!
    2. Choose tools and technologies that answer as specifically as possible your core needs, your goals, and your mission as an organization. The simpler implementation and tool is typically the best.
    3. Due diligence and conservative, patient decision-making is underrated and underused.
    4. It’s about relationships! Remember that it’s not just what you by but also who you buy as well.

Webinar: Church Marketing Plan | UMCom.org


  • Jackie Vaughan (Director, Impact Community and Media Services for United Methodist Communications) introduces a free online tool to help your church develop a marketing plan.

    How to Register for Upcoming Webinars:
    To register, visit our online registration center once to sign up for the live Webinar broadcast. You will receive an email confirmation with access information to join the live Webinar broadcast. Use the same access information each week to join us every Tuesday @ 10am Central. Each week’s Webinar “room” is limited to the first 100 people who log in.

Church Marketing Plan | UMCom.org


  • The Marketing Plan Coordinator is a staff or lay person recruited by the Lead Pastor to lead and coordinate details for this process. He/she will keep the MASTER copy of YOUR MARKETING PLAN.

    The Marketing Plan Team is made up of church leaders who will carry out the homework and action steps to develop YOUR MARKETING PLAN. In smaller churches, this may be the Lead Pastor and Marketing Plan Coordinator. In mid-size churches, it could be a team of five to seven. And, in larger churches, up to 20 people.

EventSpan / The EventSpan Blog


  • If you’re a webconferencing or webcasting company that powers online events, or a webinar production services firm that produces them, or a B2B publisher or big marketer who frequently hosts or sponsors webinars for lead generation, take note that EventSpan allows you to monitor the viral performance of your web-event listings.

Blogs | Webinar Central


  • I recommend announcing your Webinar 3 to 4 weeks before it actually occurs. It gives people plenty of time to find your webinar and for it to make the rounds on the internet. It will also sit in the Webinar Central Calendar for an extended period of time, so more casual browsers will see it. Press releases are a great tool to announce your webinar, but it’s got to be timely, or you’ve wasted your time and money distributing a press release.

    A good general rule of thumb is to send out your press release on a Wednesday or Thursday – the days people will usually notice something in their e-mail and have time to read it.

  • Free Webinar Hosting Service – Vyew

    Free Web Conferencing at Vyew.com is a multifunctional workspace collaboration platform. You can hold webinars, with a conference call in number and have presentations, all for free. With a free account you are limited to 20 participants. They have relatively cheap pricing packages to add more participants. Free Web Conferencing at Vyew.com

    Free Webinar Hosting Service – Dim Dim

    Dim Dim is the latest webinar platform on the scene. Anyone can host a webinar for free using their free software. You’re limited to 20 webinar participants thought. If you want more, though, it sill cost $99 a year. Which is actually a pretty good deal compared to the major players. If you need an easy online web conferencing solution without an installation? Try Dimdim, it’s easy, open and affordable. Check out Dim Dim here.

    Free Webinar Hosting Service – Yugma

    Yugma is an other player in the free webinar plaform realm. They offer free unlimited webinars for regular use. The only catch is you can only have up to 10 webinar particpants. They have pretty reasonbly priced pro options to have more participants along with a pretty cool platform. Check out Yugma Webinar Hosting

    Free Webinar Hosting Service – YuuGuu

    YuuGuu is a cool new program. It’s completely free and it’s a cross platform download. It allows you to host webinars and share screens, all for free. It’s a great little tool and is easy to use. The only catch is that they charge for the audio conference call function. It’s free in the US if you have free long distance, it’s costs a bit more for international calls. The customer is billed on their phone bill by the minute. It’s not really that expensive. Well worth the cost considering everything else is free. You could conceivably get around the teleconference problem if you use Skype or AIM for the audio feed and just use YuuGuu for screen sharing to show the presentation. This would probably be the best option if you want to have a Webinar with as many participants as you can for free. It will take a bit of work to set up though. Check out YuuGuu Webinar and Screen Sharing Software If you hear about a free Webinar hosting service, please let us know about it in the comments.

Driven to Distraction


  • Instead of long proposals, I wrote short ones. Instead of worrying about competitors, I ignored them. And here’s what happened: My company got more work. I found better clients. I slept better. I woke up better. I was happier. And, most of all, running a business became a lot easier.

    Fifteen years later, this continues to be the most important lesson I’ve learned as an entrepreneur: Most of the stuff you agonize about just doesn’t matter. Truth is, things are pretty easy and straightforward — until you make them hard and complicated.

No Friend Of Emergent «


  • Recently two fairly emerging church plants have ceased functioning in an official capacity. These were made up of mostly young to mid 20-somethings that had theological leanings toward a more liberal and Emergent doctrine. As a result of these two communities of faith dissolving, some of the participants began coming to Compass Point. With them came a universalistic doctrine that they attempted to convey in every situation that was presented to them. For the first time the leaders of Compass Point and I had to deal directly with the illness that is the doctrinal beliefs of those that align with the Emergent movement.

    I’m all for a healthy theological debate…however I will not even begin to entertain a discussion into the integrity and validity of God’s Word. The truth is that not everyone will see the gates of Heaven…and Hell is real. Our repentance of sin and acceptance of Christ our Savior…by the grace of God…is the only way out of eternal damnation. Any teachings to the contrary is…heresy.

    For a while now the leadership of Compass Point and I have been able to sit on the sidelines of the Emergent debate. While there was much that we disagreed with theologically…there were also many Emergent things that we did when it came to outreach and missions. I think there was certain “frog in the kettle” scenario for us…while we were bothered by statements and books by some of Emergent’s leadership…it was not to a crescendo that really rocked our world.

PR 101: Social Media Does Have Rules


  • To follow up on that last point, soliciting business violates the spirit of social media. The whole point of social media is to demonstrate yours or your company’s expertise. If people like what you say, they will buy your product. You want to give people solid reasons to buy your product. You want your customers to endorse your products, which provides reasons for others to buy. It is like fishing: you cannot ask a fish to take the hook; you have to give it a reason, such as an enticing fly.

Why can Leo Laporte and Disney do it, but Mike Arrington and TechCrunch can’t? — Scobleizer


  • But, still, why isn’t everyone yelling and screaming about these kinds of ads on professional media (this is one of the world’s top radio stations, owned by a huge multi-national corporation)?

    Here’s why? Beating up on Disney won’t get you any links. Won’t get you on TechMeme. Won’t insert you into a conversation. Won’t build your traffic.

    In fact, Leo is so popular and credible that beating up on him might cause a major blowback the way that beating up on Macs usually gets you hundreds of angry commenters (ask John Dvorak about that one).

    Now you know why Valleywag is still pushing this story front and center (even Larry Page, cofounder of Google, arriving at FooCamp in a helicopter couldn’t push this story off of the front page over there).

    Translation: there’s lots of professional endorsing that’s been going on for years (this isn’t new). As long as it’s disclosed I don’t see the problem with it.

    On the other hand, Jeff Jarvis has a major problem with these kinds of advertisements. I respect Jeff’s stance but don’t think Jeff’s stance will be followed by everyone.

    For me, I will disclose when I’m doing stuff for money. I’m not going to be as pure as Jeff Jarvis is, sorry, but when I’m not I’ll let you know so you can make up your own mind about what I’m saying.

  • 2. Its a function of the medium — there are different expectations on traditional media. People already have a certain amount of savvy, or jadedness if you will. When you hear an ad on TV or radio, most people have enough media literacy to know that … well, its an ad. It was paid for. And more importantly, celebrities “do” that kind of thing on TV and radio. Its accepted. In the blogosphere and amongst bloggers, its not. At least, not yet. The standards are different principally because of the *last* post you did. People view blogs as being a credible source of information — more credible than other media because, for some reason, people think that bloggers are honest. Go figure, huh! 🙂

    3. Its also a function of endorsement — Leo Laporte endorsing GoToMyPc is pretty benign stuff. GoToMyPC doesn’t have a terrible reputation. They’re not recalcitrant spammers. They don’t sell laptops that go on fire. They don’t have a history of being the company everyone loves to hate. More importantly, Leo Laporte hasn’t gone on record to previously say that he *doesn’t* like GoToMyPc. If Leo Laporte were to endorse a company that he obviously had railed against? If he was endorsing a company that *everyone* took an exception to (thereby, implicltly making him also taking an exception to it if he had never said anything prior) — that kind of endorsement would go over badly.

    And the latter point is *exactly* what is wrong with Federated Media and *exactly* why the ad you heard on the radio is *not* the same as the “conversational marketing” hubaloo.

    It has to do with the honest of the conversation or the sponsorship. Leo Laporte is being pretty plain and upfront about the commercial. And him doing it, given his track record about things like GoToMyPc is pretty bland. It doesn’t impugn his integrity (that much), or more than any other product all things being equal. Its pretty benign stuff.

    As for your assertion that bloggers are doing it to get links? Hey, I’m partly guilty as charged.

    Having said that, I’ll also say that it is an important conversation that I’dlike to chime in on — conversational marketing as it applies to bloggers is an important topic.

Do the people endorsing the product really use the product ? For endorsing any product, the product should be used by endorser for sometime and at least meet/exceed expectation but does it happen practically ? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn


  • Question:
    How does an organization go about choosing someone (e.g. a celebrity or otherwise well known person) to endorse a product?

    Very carefully. All of the following criteria must be met:

    (1) High level of personal integrity. Generally speaking, does the public have high favorability ratings of this person? (i.e. Shares my values, keeps out of trouble, is honest, etc.) While I hate this question / litmus test in politics: Would you want to have a beer (or just hang out) with the person, it applies here to believability and likability. The question, “Would I let this person babysit my kids,” is another litmus test that may be applicable depending on the product or situation. Again, that high level of trust and believability is paramount.

    (2) Is it believable that this person uses or would use the product in question. In the ideal world the celebrity approaches the company and says to the effect, “I’m a really big fan of your product. I’d like to help promote it.” One step down is reaching out to a celebrity who does in fact use your product. And sometimes the celebrity must be sold on the value of your product.

    But above all there has to be that hard to quantify “fit” between the product, the company that makes it an the proposed endorser.

    Having an athlete represent a sporting goods product (in their chosen sport) is a no brainer. Having Shawn White endorse a snowboard for example is a natural. But having him endorse a computer (in his case HP) may or may not work. The (HP) ads featuring him were very good and did make a good case and one could believe they could use an HP to manage their life. But the skeptic in me says, he has “people” for a lot that. Each person is different. The question the brand manager has to ask themselves is “In the grand scheme of things, is it believe that this person uses the product and can be a trusted expert on that product?”

    (3) The general image of the company and the image of the celebrity have to match. Similar to item #2, but this is at a higher level. If for your company stresses value and the experience vs. just price you do not want a celebrity who does not share those same values.

    Here’s a good example: Ford.

    Derek Jeter (at least in the NYC metro market) endorses Ford. I could see him (a person with incredible personal financial means, and someone who is known off the field for his style) driving a Mustang for fun; but not an everyday vehicle like the Ford Edge (for which he has been in commercials for). Derek Jeter has a very good image, and while he may have used Fords before the endorsement deal, I just don’t believe it. I could see him endorsing Lincoln Mercury or any other luxury brand. It would have had to have been a well established fact that Derek Jeter drove a Ford before the endorsement to make the deal bear real fruit.

    Today, Ford’s big celebrity is Mike Rowe (of “Dirty Jobs” fame). Pardon the pun, but he does have a clean-cut image. His image is the everyday working man. And even though I’m sure he has made a pretty penny from his show, he always demonstrates admiration and respect for those that work much harder than the many of the rest of the population. So when he in effect says, “This is a car for the everyday person who works hard;” many of us take that to heart. A perfect match.

    (4) Good presentation skills. No matter how well all of the above may match, if they can’t speak a complete sentence properly and look good doing it; it’s going to be pretty hard to get your message across.

15 Podcasts Your Brain and Ears Will Love | Digitizd


  • Every week on The Pipeline, Dan Benjamin interviews someone fascinating. It’s always got a tech bent – Gina Trapani from Lifehacker and Jason Snell from Macworld were two of my favorites – and is just about interesting people. I love the idea that people are more interesting than topics, and this podcast is a great example of that.
  • Again, basically ditto Fresh Air and the Pipeline. The more I consume information, the more I realize that what’s interesting are not theories or events; what’s really interesting are the people behind those things. The Marketplace of Ideas features conversations with smartly-chosen, universally interesting people—the interview with Merlin Mann is a personal favorite.

Third Tribe Marketing


  • Well, because free has its limitations:
    • First of all, people with high public profiles can say things in a private setting that they wouldn’t share out in the open. So you get exclusive information you wouldn’t get otherwise.
    • Plus, private communities lead to better relationships and outcomes. The “troll factor” is virtually eliminated, even at a very modest price. We’ve seen it happen time and again.
    • And finally, the simplest point of all: Not everything is free, nor should it be. Premium education, advice, and connections that lead to great business are valuable. If you don’t see it that way, that’s okay…. But you likely won’t fit in here.

The Growth of Social Media [VIDEO]


  • While some of the stats are similar to last year’s version, others are updated with new figures and some appear for the first time. Information about the sources for all the statistics are available on Qualman’s blog. A few of the highlights include:
    • More than half of the world’s population is under 30.
    • Facebook tops Google (Google) for weekly U.S. Internet (Internet) traffic.
    • Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears have more Twitter followers than the populations of Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway and Panama.
    • 50% of mobile Internet traffic in the UK is on Facebook.
    • During the 4+ minutes it takes to watch the video, more than 100 hours’ worth of video will be uploaded to YouTube (YouTube).
    • Amazon sold more electronic books for the Kindle than physical books on Christmas.
    • If you were paid $1 for each posted Wikipedia (Wikipedia) article, you’d make $1,712.32 per hour.

Social Media & Web Workshop | May 21 | WiredChurches.com


  • Social Media & Web Workshop | May 21

    Friday, May 21, 2010
    [9 a.m.-4 p.m.]

    Want to make your Web site a welcome relief from the full frontal assault of marketing that your guests deal with on a daily basis? Wondering how to incorporate Social Media into your Web strategy?

    Learn how to:

    • Ask the right questions before you decide on your site’s content and design.
    • Eliminate the roadblocks that stop traffic and slow the flow through your site.
    • Offer information in the right doses to keep visitors informed but not overloaded.
    • Define the difference between splash, flash and just plain trash.

Are We a Multi-Site Church? – LeadingSmart


  • trying to figure out how to become a multi-site church.

    I think we will truly be a multi-site church when…

    • …we begin to think multi-site as naturally as we breath. Right now, some times we remember a bit too late that we have more than one site.
    • …we begin to budget as though we have multiple sites.

Paradoxes of multi-site communication – Kem Meyer on Less Clutter & Noise


  • This past week, I asked Jeff Bell to spend some time with our communications network talking about the paradoxes of multi-site communication. Here are a few simple bullets of wisdom he shared.
    • The goal is scalability, but scalability is not the same thing as duplication.
    • Don’t focus on mirroring. Focus on the mission.
    • Community is a shared mission, expression is not.
    • Value is communicated different ways to different people.
    • Our church, and the community developed around it, is not contained in one box and shipped for use in multiple locations. We’re evolving our DNA to live multi-site as a ministry, not as an export.

Self Service Direct Marketing | VerticalResponse


  • Promote Your Nonprofit Freely

    At VerticalResponse, we are inspired by the work you do, so we want to make it easier. Now you can save your donors’ dollars for other crucial projects, so that you can stretch that shoestring to achieve even more. If your organization is a 501(c)(3), then you’re eligible to send up to…

    10,000 emails per month. Free!

    How it works

    First, sign up for your VerticalResponse Account on this page. Then, simply fill out the non-profit application form, we’ll check to make sure that you’re not fibbing about your 501(c)(3) status, and flip the switch. Within 2 business days, you’ll be ready to start sending professional looking emails. FREE!



  • Perhaps the most significant is the fact that leadership development in itself is a very complex subject. In many cases there is confusion simply about the definition of the term leader. Some define leaders as those in an authority position; others focus more on the behavior of individuals, regardless of their position. Our language around leadership often does little to help us in this respect. When we talk about improving leadership capacity and capability we are often unclear as to whether we’re talking about individual leadership development or organizational capacity. Typically, leadership development involves not only a focus on developing the individual leaders skills, but also developing relationships between individuals (team development), as well as developing organizational systems (organizational development).

    The situation is further complicated by the fact that leadership development does not necessarily have an immediate return, but instead is best regarded as a long-term investment. Improvements to effectiveness that can be attributed to an increased leadership capability within the organization are often not evident until a year or more after the leadership intervention. With such a time delay it is difficult to derive a true cause-and-effect relationship.

    In addition, leadership and its results are often described as subjective. This is the nature of the concept. Leadership involves people and the perceptions of these people. Consequently, in measuring the impacts of leadership development we will, by definition, measure the perceptions of others. Many are uncomfortable endorsing valid measurements based upon these apparently subjective perceptions.

Why Invest in Leadership Development? (Arrow Leadership)


  • Why Invest in Leadership Development?

    The Leadership Deficit
    September 5, 2006

    By Thomas J. Tierney

    NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS DEPEND ON TWO resources to fulfill their missions. One, of course, is money. The other resource – just as vital but perhaps even more scarce – is leadership. Indeed, qualified leadership candidates may be even rarer than six-figure donors. As one highly respected executive director recently observed, “If I have the choice between spending time with a $100,000 donor or a potential candidate for a senior role, hands down it’s the candidate.”

    Today, many nonprofit organizations struggle to attract and retain the talented senior executives they need to convert dollars into social impact. Searches for chief executive, operating, and financial officers often turn up only one to three qualified candidates, compared with four to six for comparable private-sector positions. The experience of a large nonprofit seeking a seasoned executive to guide its national expansion is typical: Only a single qualified candidate even considered the position. Like many other organizations in the nonprofit realm, this agency was one person away from a leadership crisis.

Articles: Seven Difficult Personality Types and How to Deal with Them


  • Have you ever felt the pulse pounding, face-flushing, word-sputtering frustration of having your meeting disrupted by:

    • a hardcore bully
    • an ego-centered princess
    • a passive-aggressive
    • a baby
    • negative Ned or Nancy
    • a people pleaser, or
    • a non-player.

Ten Types of Difficult People – Sources of Insight


Start Somewhere with Social Media : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum


  • It’s Not New – It’s Just New Tools

    On the way out, let me just remind you that you know how to talk to customers. The fact that these customers are online just means that you have to do a little bit more to show them you’re human, reputable, and “real.”

The Billable Hour Trap


  • A common dilemma for many solo entrepreneurs and freelancers is how to justify turning away paid work from one-on-one clients in order to create or explore new revenue streams.

» 2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets (IRS Tax Rates)


  • 25% Bracket $34,000 – $82,400 $68,000 – $137,300 28% Bracket $82,400 – $171,850 $137,300 – $209,250

Reference Room


  • Married Filing Jointly
    Qualifying Widow(er)

    Taxable income is over But not over The tax is Plus Of the amount over $0 16,750 $0.00 10% $0 16,750 68,000 1,675.00 15% 16,750 68,000 137,300 9,362.50 25% 68,000 137,300 209,250 26,687.50 28% 137,300 209,250 373,650 46,833.50 33% 209,250 373,650   101,085.50 35% 373,650

Configuring Your MX Records: GoDaddy.com – Google Apps Help


  • Configuring Your MX Records: GoDaddy.com

    If you purchased your domain name from GoDaddy.com while signing up for Google Apps, you shouldn’t use these instructions. Instead, you can activate email in the control panel and Google will automatically configure your MX records with GoDaddy.com.If you’d like GoDaddy.com to automatically update your MX records for Google Apps, please log in to GoDaddy’s configuration tool at https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/google/gmail_login.asp.

    To manually configure your MX records, please follow the directions below.

WordPress: How to Sort Category Archive Posts by Subcategory – How To – iamnotagoodartist


  • What we’d rather have is each subcategory given its own individual listing of its posts, prefaced by an H2 title and subcategory/genre description. We’ll order the subcats alphabetically; their posts chronologically.

Customizable Post Listings WordPress Plugin « Lorelle on WordPress


219th General Assembly – Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


  • Social media is not a fad, it is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

    Location no longer defines the number or immediacy of those with whom we are in communication. Social media gives people a chance to share ideas and think aloud with many different communities. People engaging in social media are potentially listening to, talking, and reflecting with many people at the same time. Being present with someone engaging in social media does not necessarily mean that you are the person getting their primary attention.

Rockin’ out WordPress custom loops — kristarella.com


  • Custom loop code 

    Now we have to loop over the posts in the new query. Since the original page query still exists and our new query is stored in the variable $custom_loop we can’t use the same code as the main loop, but it is similar. This loop is basically the same as the main loop code, but it checks our custom query variable $custom_loop for the posts.

    if ( $custom_loop->have_posts() ) :
    	while ( $custom_loop->have_posts() ) : $custom_loop->the_post();
    		// this is where we put the code to show what we want for each post

Custom order of posts on main page » WordPress Experiments


  • In index.php file we need to replace <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> with below piece of code to have:

    • posts listed in reverse chronological order (from the oldest to the newest one)
      <?php $posts=query_posts($query_string . '&order=asc');
      if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    • posts ordered alphabetically
      <?php $posts=query_posts($query_string . '&orderby=title&order=asc');
      if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    • posts from categories *extras* and *images* only
      <?php $posts=query_posts($query_string . '&category_name=extras,images');
      if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    • posts from category *extras* published in *October*
      <?php $posts=query_posts($query_string . '&category_name=extras&monthnum=10'); if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    • posts by user *Neo*
      <?php $posts=query_posts($query_string . '&author_name=neo');
      if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

A Custom WordPress Blog Archives Page » WordPress, Hear, Florida, Archive, Blog, Posts » That PHP Girl


  • o make an archive page which lists all the categories, subcategories, and posts in what is technically the blog. I am sure someone is going to tell me that a plugin exists to do this thing, but as I tried two that didn’t work well, I had decided to give up and just use PHP. I also wanted to use as many standard WordPress calls as I could instead of just writing all my own functions.

Custom Archive Queries for WordPress | Devlounge


  • I’ve been working on my archives page on my personal blog for some time now, and I thought I’d share some custom MySQL queries in order to allow for some custom archives tweaking in your WordPress blog. I have three pages set up, with one showing dates, one showing categories, and one showing all of the entries. All three code snippets require a custom WordPress page, which is outside the scope of this article.

WordPress Split Archives into 5 sections based on Category and tags – Stack Overflow


  • Use the get_query_var to get the queried category,

    if ( is_category() ) { $cat = get_query_var('cat'); 

    then in your query, for example use,


Multiple Loops and Multiple Columns with WordPress • Perishable Press


  • It seems that multiple-column, multiple-loop configurations are in high demand these days, especially ones that display posts like this:
    • First column, first loop: display posts #1-5
    • Second column, second loop: display posts #6-10
    • Third column, third loop: display posts #11-15

    Using WordPress and a little CSS, this configuration is relatively easy to accomplish. Let’s cut right to the chase..

Overcoming Stigma in Asian American Mental Health: The Cross-Cultural Context of Stigma: A Panel


  • Chinese-American values and beliefs include: Confucianism, which entails a group orientation and respect for elders; stoicism; holistic health beliefs; concern about their family’s reputation, including loss of face and marriage prospects; shame; guilt; and embarrassment. Asian Americans tend to seek help from family members; trusted friends outside agencies, such as family associations; herbalists; or hospital emergency rooms.

iLinc Review


  • Confusing licensing options – You can use iLinc as a service (starting a $49/mo) or download the software to your own server. There are also several versions of the application designed for specific use cases – e.g. webinars, meetings, remote support, and online learning.

    Pricing – Compared to GoToMeeting iLinc can be expensive.

How to Earn a Finders Fee | eHow.com


  • Finder’s fees range from a fraction of a percent of the transaction amount to 10 percent or higher. Establish the fee schedule prior to committing yourself to the project and make sure you and your client agree on your duties.

Twitter’s Valuation, $73.52 an Active User? « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing


  • This would suggest that 3,400,000 actual users, which if you diveded into the supposed valuation of $250mm would result in the active (people who actually return) users actual worth $73.52. Scobleizer suggests it’s $42 but I think it’s near double that –as you have to take into account those that won’t participate.

The Pontiflex Cost-per-Lead (CPL) Marketplace: Reach Real People. Get Real Results— Research


  • CPA vs. CPL   

    Pontiflex is a CPL marketplace, not a CPA or affiliate network. CPA and CPL are often mistaken for each other, but there are some important differences. Let’s break it down:

    CPA defined

    With CPA, or Cost-per-Action, advertisers typically pay for a completed sale involving a credit card transaction. CPA campaigns are about the “now” — they drive people to buy at that moment. And if people don’t buy, there’s no easy way to build a relationship through remarketing.

    CPL defined

    In Cost-per-Lead campaigns, advertisers only pay when people sign up and share their contact info. CPL campaigns are perfect for brand and direct response marketers looking to continue the discussion through newsletters, community sites, Twitter groups and reward programs.

    CPA and affiliate marketing campaigns are all about the publisher

    Advertisers have little control over where their ads appear because publishers pick which offers to run. Advertisers generally do not know where their ads are placed.

    CPL campaigns are all about the advertiser

    Advertisers remain in control of their brand because they can select trusted and relevant publishers for their ads.

    CPA campaigns are usually low volume and complex

    People typically have to submit credit card info and other personal details.

    CPL campaigns are usually high volume and lightweight

    People submit only contact information, and oftentimes just an email address.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Why cost-per-lead budgets fail and fewer leads are better


  • The following are real-world metrics that every marketer should track in their lead generation program:
    • number of inquiries? (people who raised their hands)
    • number of leads? (qualified as “sales-ready”)
    • number of opportunities? (leads that move to pipeline)
    • number of closed sales? (generated from marketing leads)

    If you know those metrics you can start to track the following key performance indicators:

    • Inquiry to lead ratio (cost-per-lead) – this isn’t a enough
    • Lead to opportunity ratio (cost-per-opportunity)
    • Lead to pipeline revenue ratio (cost-per-pipeline revenue)
    • Lead to sale (win) ratio (cost-per-closed sale)

How to remove the “button mode” dialog from a weblog form? | ExpressionEngine Community Forums


  • If you go into the preferences for that particular weblog. Have a look under Publish Page Customization . Display Formatting Buttons is the one you need to switch off.

    Admin ›  Weblog Administration ›  Weblog Management ›  Edit Weblog Preferences 

EFCA | Introducing David Park, EFCA Samaritan Way Associate


  • Introducing David Park, EFCA Samaritan Way Associate

    Development of young, ethnic, and/or female leaders is a top priority of the EFCA.  With this in mind, Dr. Sanders created Samaritan Way Associates in 2009.  Samaritan Way Associates is a leadership development internship program for Seminary students who desire to lead with reconciliation in mind.

    Our latest associate is David Park.  David is an M.Div student at the Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA. He is a second-generation Korean American who is very passionate and active in Asian American communities about matters of ethnicity and identity in the church context.   He is married to Sunita, an Indian American and they live in Atlanta with their daughter, Anju.   You can follow his blog at http://nextgenerasianchurch.com/ .

    If you are a Seminary student or know of someone who may be interested in participating in Samaritan Way Associates email samaritanway@efca.org .

The Gospel Solution to Greed and Stinginess – Justin Taylor


  • What makes you a sexually faithful spouse, a generous—not avaricious—person, a good parent and/or child is not just redoubled effort to follow the example of Christ. Rather, it is deepening your understanding of the salvation of Christ and living out of the changes that understanding makes in your heart—the seat of your mind, will, and emotions. Faith in the gospel restructures our motivations, our self-understanding and identity, and our view of the world. It changes our hearts. Behavioral compliance to rules without heart-change will be superficial and fleeting.

Seth’s Blog: Do you have a media channel strategy? (You should.)


  • The media you chose to spread your message mattered. In fact, it could change what you made and how you made it. [Stop for a second and consider that… the media channel often drove the product and pricing and distribution].

    Today, of course, everyone has access to a media channel. You can create a series of YouTube videos, or have a blog. You can be a big-time tweeter, or lead a significant tribe on Facebook.

    Harder to grapple with is the idea that the media channel you choose changes who you are and what you do.

Social Media Enabling Your Conferences: A Tech4Society Case Study | NetSquared, an initiative of TechSoupGlobal.org


  • I was determined that unlike the first three this conference would be fully social media enabled. I wanted it to be an example of “distributed eventing”, where the event is more than just what goes on within the convention center and is instead a platform for interaction and dissemination on a much wider scale. In this I think we succeeded.

    In the lead-up to the conference we held a “Blog Your Way to Hyderabad” competition to select the official blogger of the conference. The winner would get an all-expenses trip and all-access pass to the conference and be given the reins of the AshokaTECH blog and Twitter account during the event, to keep the world informed of the conversations, examples and insights being shared. This was a gutsy move on Ashoka’s part, giving an unknown person the responsibility of being the main conduit of information to the world about one of our most important gatherings.

ur mobile: The future of online giving | Free Web Services for Nonprofits | Grassroots.org


  • A few weeks ago, I came across a new company at the forefront of the mobile web movement that I believe nonprofits should know about: ur mobile. This innovative group is revolutionizing the way that donors give to nonprofits. Over the last few years, we have all witnessed the booming prevalence of the smartphone: “the Swiss Army knives of the Digital Age” (New York Times). The ur mobile team knows that this trend will undoubtedly continue and believes nonprofits should do all they can to take advantage of the mobile revolution.

Content Matters


  • Time and Newsweek have held prominent positions in media history. For decades, it truly mattered what topic they chose to adorn their covers each Monday. In a world where news was dominated by the evening newscast, these two publications truly influenced the national agenda. But it’s been at least 15-20 years since either publication was truly relevant. As David Carr asked in a tweet yesterday, when was the last time you picked up a copy of Newsweek other than in a dentist office?

Itineraries – Conference Industry Fights a Wave of Cancellations – NYTimes.com


  • Toward that end, the U.S. Travel Association and other industry groups have come up with their own guidelines on how to make sure events serve legitimate business objectives.

    These are among their suggestions: requiring a written business case for events that cost more than $75,000, making sure that at least 90 percent of those attending incentive programs are not senior executives from the host organization and — for events attended only by top executives or board members — requiring participants to pay for “nonbusiness-related activities.”

Jim Belcher, Francis Chan, N.T. Wright, and Others Leave the Pastorate to Write and Speak | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction


  • Only in contemporary America do you have the phenomenon of former pastors making their living as conference speakers and authors

Jim Belcher, Francis Chan, N.T. Wright, and Others Leave the Pastorate to Write and Speak | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction


  • First, pastoral transition is quite normal. According to the 2006-2007 National Congregations Study led by Duke sociologist Mark Chaves, 50 percent of congregations have had a new senior clergy person in the last seven years.

WordPress: Generate Array of Tags From Posts in a Particular Category – Stack Overflow


  • Using WordPress, I need to generate an array of tags(terms) from posts in a particular category.

    For instance, if I have two categories, “apple” and “orange”, I want an array of terms that are only used in posts in the apple category — not in the orange category. (though, if a term is used in both, that should be included)

Posts by Author Plugin for WordPress · Dagon Design


Magazine Columns Free WordPress Plugin | bavotasan.com


  • a plugin that would create columns in posts or pages, similar to a magazine article. Thus, Magazine Columns was created.

The Easy Way To Display Recent Posts in WordPress | Theme Lab


  • You don’t need any custom queries or database calls just to get a list of recent posts. In fact, there’s a function built into WordPress that will do just that. It’s called, wp_get_archives(). You might recognize that as a way to display monthly archives, but with a few parameters, you can modify it to display a list of recently published WordPress posts. Here’s the code:

    <?php wp_get_archives('title_li=&type=postbypost&limit=10'); ?>

    What this will do is strip any WordPress added formatting and output a nice list of the 10 latest posts, each within it’s own <li> tag.

Category Hacks for WordPress Theme Designers | Vandelay Design Blog


  • One of the fundamental building blocks of the WordPress blog structure is the category. Of course the category serves as a way to organize the content and help visitors with navigation, but it also provides theme developers with opportunities to do some different things to make the theme a bit more distinct or more effective.

Latest Posts by Category Archive with WordPress – Blogsessive


  • One technique that is most common with WordPress magazine or news style themes is the display of an archive of the latest posts by category, as simple titles or with post excerpts.

Include/Exclude Category from WordPress wp_get_archives() | The Mighty Mo! Design Co. | Minneapolis WordPress Developers and Designers


  • Thankfully, after struggling for a bit today, I discovered this plugin that solves the issue.  It hooks directly into the WordPress core, so customizing is a breeze!  Simply add “cat=5″ (with the number “5″ being the id of the category you want to include) to the “get_archives” parameters in your template file!  It’ll look like this: <?php wp_get_archives(‘cat=5′); ?>

Using WordPress Categories To Style Posts « Lorelle on WordPress


  • Here the CSS class post defines what styles will be applied to the post. I have omitted other code from typical templates to keep the space clean.

    The best way to leverage this is to use the WordPress category slugs as CSS classes or IDs, and define styling for them in the CSS. Getting the category as slugs, and not as links, is not directly supported in WordPress today. But it is extremely easy to do so. You can put the following code in your theme, preferably in functions.php, so that it is available to all templates in the theme.

WordPress Category Posts Plugin | Indianapolis, Indiana | Watershed Studio, LLC | 317-215-7078


WordPress › List category posts « WordPress Plugins


  • List Category Posts is a simple WordPress plugin which allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the [catlist] shortcode. This shortcode accepts a category name or id, the order in which you want the posts to display, and the number of posts to display. You can use [catlist] as many times as needed with different arguments. Great to use WordPress as a CMS, and create pages with several categories posts.

Other Posts from Cat plugin for WordPress · Dagon Design


  • Other Posts from Cat plugin for WordPress

    This plugin will show the last X posts from the current category at the bottom of every post, or where you manually specify in each post. Using the built-in options page, you can choose the number of posts to show, set the header text, choose to show the post dates, select the format of the date, and choose whether or not to include the current post in the list.

Latest Post from each Category plugin for WordPress · Dagon Design


  • Latest Post from each Category plugin for WordPress

    This plugin displays a list of the latest post from each category of your WordPress installation. It can be added to a post or page, or used directly in a template file. In the plugin’s options page you can choose the sort order, show or hide the dates, select the date formatting, show the first X characters of the content, display a link to the comments, and show comment counts, as well as other options.

Stupid WordPress Tricks • Perishable Press


  • Tired of that boring, single-column category display? Spice things up with a spiffy two-column category list that will get your visitors’ hearts pumping. Let’s deface a WordPress tag, shall we?

    See this bad boy:

    <?php wp_list_categories(); ?>

    We’re going to blow it up, divide its contents into two pieces, and spit it all back out as two unordered lists. Impossible, you say? Nah, just a little PHP to make it all go.

Rhymed Code » Grouped by Category


  • Simply displaying a list of categories may not attract readers to go further clicking the links. To give equal exposure to older, noteworthy Posts in other categories, especially when there is sparse posting in that category, another view of Posts is needed.

    Grouping by category lays out Posts of same category under one heading, the category name.

Stupid WordPress Tricks • Perishable Press


  • Here is an easy way to display custom post styles depending on the post’s category. With the following code, each single-view post will be displayed according to a template that is specific to the post’s category:
    <?php $post = $wp_query->post;
    if (in_category('1')) {
    } elseif (in_category('2')) {
    } else {
    } ?>

    This code should be placed in your theme’s single.php file. As written, this code will display posts from the first category with the single template, “single-01.php”; also, posts from the second category will be displayed with a single template named “single-02.php”; finally, all other posts will be displayed via the default single template, “single-default.php”. Of course, you will want to customize the category IDs according to your own needs, and also you will want to create the customized single files as they are called. That’s all there is to it.

Archives for a category WordPress plugin (Kwebble blog)


  • The software used to run this website is WordPress but the wp_get_archives() function, to get a list of archives, does not have the ability to filter on category. So I created the ‘Archives for a category’ plugin that enhances this function to show archive links for a specific category.

WordPress Archive that works : StepxStep Guide and Plugins – Noupe


  • One of the advantages of using WP Archives page is the amount of information that it can provide to help the visitors easily browse your blog and find what they’re looking for. It can also act a your blog’s sitemap which is perfect for search engines.

    Most WordPress themes already have archives.php template file in your theme’s folder. In this episode of WordPress series we are presenting some basic and advanced techniques to create a more user-friendly and more appealing archives page.

Most Popular Posts By Category – Dynamic WordPress Hack | Rob Malon [dot] Com


  • WPPP – WordPress Popular Posts Modifications

    You can see the code changes below, but here is a link to wppp.php modifications (1.3.4). I modified the 1.3.4 version of WordPress Popular Posts. I’ll try and keep this updated, but you may be able to make changes to future versions of the plugin (with my additions) by using something like winmerge to migrate new/old code

    The wppp.php file we’re modifying here can be found in: /wp-content/plugins/wordpresscom-popular-posts/wppp.php (if the plugin is installed).

    [UPDATE – 5-13-09] 1.3.5 – changes still apply but some are in slightly different spots. Here is the final file replacement: wppp.php (1.3.5)

Create a Sneeze Page and Propel Readers Deep Within Your Blog


  • A Sneeze Page is one that simply directs readers in multiple directions at once – back into your archives. Let me explain further by giving a few tips on how to write Sneeze Page and then examining how to strategically position them for maximum impact.

WordPress Plug-ins Grouped by the Type of Features Added


  • Alright, Here is the big list. I don’t know that all of these work in 2.7 or that all of them are still needed since a lot of plug-ins were made obsolete when WP made whatever they did part of the main program.

    The next step in this process is to take this list category by category and for each plug-in, list the essential features in non-marketing lingo :) and show the similarities and differences between similar (sometimes very similar) plug-ins.

    The goal is to make it easy to find the best plug-ins to get a certain set of features for your blog.

List of Posts by Category Plugin for WordPress


  • List of Posts by Category Plugin for WordPress

    List of Posts from each Category plugin for WordPress

    Notice: This plugin is only working properly in WP up to 3.0

    This plugin displays a list of the posts from each category of your WordPress installation. It can be added to a post or page, or used directly in a template file. In the plugin’s options page you can choose the header. Is very useful if your posts are under one unique category.

WordPress for Library Websites | Information Wants To Be Free


  • examples of libraries that are using WordPress for as their website.

Team Ravenglass: Create an Excel document from any ColdFusion query object


  • Here’s an issue that has come up many times in my years of working with ColdFusion: a client wants a one-off report in Excel. I created a function that does just that, taking any CFQUERY as input and outputting the results as an Excel file that can be saved or opened locally by the user. Here’s the function:

CFTopper.com – Topper on ColdFusion – Free Query to Excel Function


  • I’m working on extending a system with excel reports so I knocked up a handy function that will turn any Query into an excel view.



    The function generateQuery takes 4 arguments: the query, the columns, the mode and the filename. The syntax is:

    generateExcel( theQuery, columnList, mode, filename  )

Adobe(Macromedia): ColdFusion – Export to Excel


  • I use CFGRID to display data from a SQL database.  I would like to be able to export the output to excel after I view the GRID. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


    Find A Job or Post a Job Opening Click Here.
    Helpful Member!Helpful Member!mimi2 (TechnicalUser)
    10 Jun 03 21:45
    This worked fine for me.

    <CFFILE contentType=”application/x-msexcel”
    output =

    <table border=1>
    <!—Append to the existing file, pour data in corresponding headers—
    <cfloop query=”getPHONE”>
    output =

    <table border=1>

    <cfheader name=”Content-Disposition” value=”download; filename=ExcelReport”>
    <cfcontent type=”application/msexcel” file=”File.xls” deletefile=”no”>

Video Post: What happens when your social media-savvy pastor leaves?


  • What to do when your social media-savvy pastor, who has established a strong following online and in your congregation, decides to move on to another church? And how do you replace that voice? It was a great question that many churches will have to face in the near future.

CCLI: What We Offer: Church Copyright License: License Fees


  • H 5,000-9,999 $720

Whatever your something is, do it well! « milesmcpherson.com


  • Leigh Anne Tuohy says she hopes The Blind Side inspires more people to help others. “You don’t have to go out and bring a child into your home — that’s not what’s required,” says Tuohy. “But you can do something — everybody is capable of doing something. So whatever your something is, do it well. Make a difference.”

Newsletter – redeemer.com


  • In 1836, Charles Simeon retired after fifty-four years of ministry at the Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge, UK. There he had been engaged in a ministry of expository preaching that had sent several generations of young Christian leaders out into British society. He had accomplished far more than 99.99% of ministers ever do. Yet a friend discovered that this elderly man was still rising at 4:00 a.m. every morning to light his own fire and to spend time reading the Bible, praying, repenting, and spending time with God.

Mac Lake » Blog Archive » Dealing with Difficult Volunteers


  • What consequences have you seen when a leader doesn’t deal with a difficult volunteer?
  • What makes it difficult to confront these issues?
  • What are some things you have found helpful in addressing a difficult volunteer?
  • Is there a situation you are facing right now that you aren’t sure how to handle?  Without disclosing too much information or violating a confidence get advice from those you are discussing the video with.
  • What actions steps do you need to take today to help you be a better manager of your volunteers?

Wealth Matters – With Impact Investing, a Focus on More Than Returns – NYTimes.com


  • I came to think of impact investing as a private equity fund for social change. This may sound like an oxymoron, given the criticism that private equity funds have faced recently over their management of companies they have taken private. But the structure is similar: there are three or four capital calls in the first year, and the fund is not fully invested until the fourth year. As the end of its investment period nears, the fund then starts to look for ways to sell its investments. Doing good matters to investors, but they also hope for private equitylike returns of close to 20 percent a year.

    And like private equity, these investments are illiquid and can be risky. Because the area is so new, the funds lack the traditional track records and transparency.

    For this reason, many of the people interested in impact investing are focused on more than the returns.

    “I think we have to look at investment as a positive tool in advancing human goals,” said Chris Redlich, who sold his family’s company, the Marine Terminals Corporation, in 2007.

BlogWell Seattle | How Big Brands Use Social Media


  • 7. Blogger Passes

    We wish we could give a pass to every blogger – but everyone’s a blogger these days (ourselves included), and if we did, there’d be nobody left to pay for the food.

    8. Recording

    We’ll be recording, filming, and live blogging the entire event — so you can sit back and enjoy.

John E.D. Ball, Irwin E. Blum, Ting-Chu Chao die


  • Ting-Chu Chao Chinese Journalist 

    Ting-Chu Chao, 87, a well-known journalist and columnist from Taiwan, died March 23 at his home in Potomac. He had Parkinson’s disease.

    Mr. Chao, a native of the Chinese province of Gansu, graduated from National Chengchi University in 1947 and began working at the Central Daily News, one of the world’s oldest Chinese-language newspapers. He fled mainland China with the newspaper when the Communists took over in 1949.

    Mr. Chao, who worked his way up to editor in chief and vice president, retired in 1990 and moved to Potomac.

    He was a regular contributor to the Chinese-language Washington Chinese Newspaper, writing about life in America. He also wrote a memoir and poetry.

    Mr. Chao volunteered as a tutor for students of Asian studies and Chinese poetry and was a member of member of a senior citizens group, the Kai Yan Club.

    Survivors include his wife of 59 years, Meihwa Wang of Potomac; three children, Kelu Chao and Kedong Chao, both of Potomac, and Keou Chao of Oakton; and seven grandchildren.

The Digital Awakening


  • Just as the invention of the printing press and Gutenberg Bible played a major role in the Age of Enlightenment, Cynthia Ware, executive director of the Center for Church Communication in Los Angeles, says the explosion in Internet and mobile-device technology is creating a “priesthood of every believer,” giving Christians the chance to digitally take the good news to the ends of the earth.

    “We’ve gone from the Gutenberg generation of the church to the Google generation of the church,” Ware says. “For 500 years, things have been one way. And now, in five years’ time, almost everything has changed. The gospel message doesn’t change, but the presentation of it and the accessibility of it and everything in the culture around it has changed.”

    Of the world’s 6.8 billion people, 61 percent now have mobile phones and 26 percent have Internet access. As these numbers increase exponentially and people increasingly rely on technology to facilitate their search for meaning and connection, the church is becoming far more technologically advanced than many might think. As millions of people worldwide come to Christ through online churches and ministries, Christian innovators and technophiles are leading the digital revolution with a profusion of technological breakthroughs.

What Was I Thinking? Handling the Hijack – Human Capital – Business Management US | GDS Publishing


  • In the corporate world a four second outburst can tarnish a leader’s career. It is what becomes chiseled in others mind about you. How does this happen and what can we do to prevent this loss of rational thought and reputation? A tool to gain more cognitive control will be presented and explained in this article.
  • Any strong emotion, anxiety, anger, joy, or betrayal trips off the amygdala and impairs the prefrontal cortex’s working memory. The power of emotions overwhelms rationality. That is why when we are emotionally upset or stressed we can’t think straight.
  • Below are the strategic questions and hypothesized brain components that may be accessed with these questions in order. The goal is to refocus activity away from the amygdala and light up other aspects the brain to gain more cognitive control and give you constructive options and direction. The first two questions access and label your thoughts and emotions. The third questions makes conscious your or intentions. The fourth question evaluates your actions in line with your intentions. Patterns of how you get in your way may emerge. The last question takes in all this new conscious data and allows you to better direct your brain and actions for the goals you want.
    1. What am I thinking? (Basal ganglia- integrates feeling thoughts and movements)
    2. What am I feeling? (Basal ganglia- integrates feeling thoughts and movements) Temporal Lobes – emotional stability, name it to tame it – labeling affect)
    3. What do I want now? (Cerebellum – executive functions connects to Prefrontol Cortex (PFC), cognitive integration)
    4. How am I getting in my way? Prefrontal Cortex – learning from mistakes
    5. What do I need to do differently now? (Prefrontal Cortex –the boss supervision of life – executive functioning planning goal setting, insight) (Anterior Cingulate Gyrus  brain’s gear shifter– see options, go from idea to idea)

Material: Models and issues of English-speaking Korean-American ministry « Angela in Wonderland


  • Program for Asian-American Theology and Ministry. (1991). Models and issues of English-speaking Korean-American ministry. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Theological Seminary.

    This review reports a 1991 colloquium of Korean American ministry models. The ten participants originated from various denominations and religious structures. Overall, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and the Asian-American Program Center at Princeton Theological Seminary have shown keen interest in the needs of Korean American and Korean Canadian ministries. They gathered to discuss five contemporary models and ministry issues in the burgeoning spectrum of Korean American ministry.
    The first two sections describe the breadth and scope of Korean American ministry models. They present five models of Korean American English-speaking models and discuss issues and concerns on each. Every issue and concern reflects the tensions of Korean American Christian growing, maturing, and flourishing in the intergenerational circle of various Korean American ministries. Each model and issue demands in-depth study as needs and ministries increase in the future.

Four Social Media Platforms Churches Should Be Using « JasonCurlee.com


  • Let’s boil it down to four and tell you why, at a minimum, you should be doing them:
    1. Facebook -If your goal is to go where the people are…facebook is the king. Seventy-one percent of young adults use Facebook, as do 75 percent of those thirty and over. It is the largest social media online and, at this moment, it should be your primary vehicle after your website.  You can use it for photos, video, events, updates and so much more.
    2. Twitter – It’s simple and it’s also hot right now.  In 2009, twitter hit mainstream and is a simple way to connect with people.
    3. Youtube – I know vimeo is sexy, but when is the last time you heard anyone talk about how they were searching for a video on vimeo.  All of your videos especially short ones should be on youtube.  And if you use it right it could be a great way to get some viral content out there.
    4. Blog – A blog is a great way to add extra content and allow people to go deeper after the weekend.  It could also be used to keep people informed on events.

Hispanics’ Use Of Social Media – Is It The New Mainstream? | Forrester Blogs


  • report that compares year-over-year data and entitled Social Media Is Mainstream For Online Hispanics. This view shows that the gap between Hispanics’ and non-Hispanics’ placement on the Social Technographics ladder has narrowed, especially in the more popular groups such as Spectators and Joiners. However, Hispanics still significantly lead the way when it comes to higher-order activities such as those of Creators, Critics or Collectors.

7 Surprising Statistics About Twitter in America | mobile | Social Media Consulting – Convince & Convert


  • Twitter is Disproportionately Popular with African Americans
    Forrester’s Tamara Barber recently published a report showing Hispanic usage of Facebook and other social networks far outpacing usage by non-Hispanic White Americans.

    This Edison Research shows that for Black Americans, the social network of choice may very well be Twitter, as 25% of Twitter users are African Americans (approximately double the U.S. population).


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