20:05 @daveingland @marcpayan now what

  • 20:05 @daveingland @marcpayan now what am I supposed to say? checkmate? 🙂 #
  • 08:14 great screencast by @mbstockdale on how to setup a twitter account bit.ly/2m1sNk – share with non-twitterers; love her soothing voice #
  • 08:24 RT @davetravis @GregLigon: Get 50% off on Multisite Church Roadtrip and others in LN series with code at bit.ly/183Dh3 #
  • 08:30 Join the Twub for #thenines at twubs.com/thenines #leadnet #
  • 09:28 found: @marcpayan beat me to it and @wetoku interviewed @da
    vidyhlee about wetoku.com bit.ly/C5XKr #
  • 09:58 @davebaldwin RT @charlestlee: Save the Date! The next #theideacamp will be Nov 20-21 in Portland, OR – Focus: "Being Present with the City" #
  • 10:00 saw that @rickwarren is on the roster for thenines.leadnet.org free online conf tomorrow! #thenines twubs.com/thenines #
  • 10:16 @marcpayan no wonder you looked so mahhvelous! And you musta been using one of those fancy HD cameras too 🙂 #
  • 10:52 Love the #thenines pre-event video by @toddrhoades w 22 speakers saying hello bit.ly/BQjUy #thenines twubs.com/thenines #
  • 11:12 fascinating read: @davetravis blogs about the thinking (and madness) behind the #thenines ow.ly/owWz #
  • 13:34 @avtoolman I think I've got things setup now so you can watch live event via twubs #thenines twubs.com/thenines/liveevent #
  • 16:04 @RealScottSapp u should check w @nadiapayan – she got people to sponsor her to sxsw09 which costs way more than #cat0
    9 #
  • 16:25 Vote for "2009 Church Leadership Book of the Year" from this list of top 18 books ow.ly/ox2h #

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