• 05:05 RT @jameschoung: United States of Sin: Mapping the 7 deadly sins: om.ly/IqaN (via @dpark75 @GuyKawasaki) #
  • 09:06 RT @tonybkim @nan_russell: People quit leaders not companies. If u lose employees u don't have employee prob, you have a leadership problem. #
  • 12:22 just watched @nadiapayan interview by @jolieodell re sxswiorbust.blogspot.com – i met nadia at sxswi but not jolie, yet #
  • 12:39 RT @EpicMobile: thoughts on why leaders fall (via @KevinDoi) "accountability groups don't work…" tinyurl.com/ktugeq #
  • 13:23 [FYI] I've got 2 twitter IDs — @djchuang for the masses, @djchuang247 for me; if you can't DM, you can txt to 949-243-7260 #

  • 14:33 RT @AdamLehman: Do you go to a "cool" church? bit.ly/1mCGTV // know this church? band played 3 cover songs before srv started #
  • 15:27 taking a look at new live webcast for healing place church healingplacechurch.org/hpclive #

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