04:54 RT @daveingland @stevenfurtick: The

  • 04:54 RT @daveingland @stevenfurtick: The VALUE of your ministry = the PRICE you're willing to pay. Nothing of high worth comes at low cost. #
  • 05:43 LJ article= The X Factor: What have we learned from the rise, decline, and renewal of "Gen-X" ministries? bit.ly/kZ9kB #
  • 05:45 CT/LJ poll of the week: Are internet campuses a legitimate form of church? bit.ly/wya3a rock the vote #
  • 07:47 RT @TechCrunch: Why Don't Teens Tweet? We Asked Over 10,000 of Them bit.ly/q7Xyr citing bit.ly/CKRfp & bit.ly/125sad #
  • 08:35 tinyurl.com/mmmmns @shinabarger bananagrams so similar to speed scrabble eh #
  • 08:57 9s watch party -> RT @breyeschow: interested in a group viewing of #thenines in #sanfrancisco? @mbcc can be a space. Let me know. #
  • 12:22 found a church that had budget item for speeding tickets (to make sure live preacher could get to multi-sites on time) #
  • 14:10 @hardlynormal whadayamran no stories? every person has a story! (; #
  • 15:46 things you find only at an Asian supermarket. 17 photos in my story so far. whrrl.com/e/f13Tl #
  • 16:00 @charlestlee i usu go tp Taipei Tokyo in rockville md; dc not as many fam friendly eats #
  • 17:36 RT @mikekelsey: twitter: 1. to utter a succession of small sounds, as a bird.
    2. to talk lightly and rapidly, esp. of trivial matters #

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