19:11 RT @ChrisSurratt @toddrhoades: the

  • 19:11 RT @ChrisSurratt @toddrhoades: the official hashtag for THE NINES is #thenines. We have 2,143 people registered !!!!!!!!! #
  • 21:39 whoa.. at a prayer meeting tonite at a non-Asian mostly-Anglo church, and worship leader led us to pray out loud all at once… #
  • 08:08 RT @JasonCurlee @lloydowens If God answered all ur prayers of last 7days wd anything in The World change or just ur world? via @johnwbryson #
  • 10:14 RT @patrickwatts: free online event 9/1 Worship: Reverence vs. Relevance with @edstetzer and Mike Harland www.lifeway.com/rvr/ #
  • 12:05 Malaysian mother to be caned for dri
    nking beer in public bit.ly/rL50G #
  • 14:34 video loop w @scotthodge // RT @commentingninja: Storychicago.com is unfolding on www.livestream.com/storyunfolding #

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