19:40 Dropbox.com is 2 GB

  • 19:40 Dropbox.com is 2 GB free space to share files & easy 2 sync w PC/ Mac/iPhone – sign up at is.gd/XpoQ to get extra 250MB #
  • 20:28 i'm interviewing Scott Thumma about megachurch attenders on The Show tomorrow 4pm ET theshow.leadnet.org #leadnet #
  • 07:16 so i see @toddrhoades is twittering while on vacation from his cruise ship; why oh why? (; #
  • 07:17 @i12know thanks for updates, prayers for you, brother, mom, dad… #
  • 10:41 found: Slow Leadership article about when leadership optimism could become delusional tr.im/pu6L #
  • 10:42 I'm interviewing Scott Thumma about megachurch attenders on The Show today 4pm ET theshow.leadnet.org #leadnet #
  • 12:22 rebooting my pc to prep for THE SHOW today in 38 mins– I'm interviewing Scott Thumma about new findings theshow.leadnet.org #
  • 12:47 RT #leadnet Scott Thumma with new insights on megachurch attenders on The Show in 12 mins, 1pm Pacific at theshow.leadnet.org #
  • 13:33 ok! The Show ended theshow.leadnet.org; Dr. Thumma hanging out on Twitter @sthumma for a few, address your question via #leadnet #
  • 13:39 thanks to all who watched #leadnet The Show today; download free report on megachurch attenders at leadnet.org/megachurch #
  • 14:03 Thank you @warrenbird (Dr. Warren Bird) and @sthumma (Dr. Scott Thumma) for being on The Show today! #leadnet #
  • 15:08 Andy Crouch talks about cultural power bit.ly/sPlr8 something Christians don't like talking about, via @emergentvillage @ahc #
  • 16:01 "True Faced" free webinar on Mon 6/29 2:00pm Central with Bill Thrall on grace & freedom ow.ly/fGbn #
  • 16:13 @johncatkinson you're welcome; love what you're doing there in the bay area #
  • 16:56 announcing an announcement?! — RT @human3rror @np_online look-out for a big announcement about North Point Online later this week #
  • 17:31 @FannyLawren i blog at L2Foundation re Asian Am churches blog.L2foundation.org ; total number in USA is estimated between 6000-7000 #

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