06:18 @cavettbinion churchtok.com has become

  • 06:18 @cavettbinion churchtok.com has become a quiet virtual sanctuary for the times when people want to get to a sacred place to pray 🙂 #
  • 06:20 up extra early today bc I've been telling my body to stay on Central Time, even during weekend here in Cali; going to Chicago this week! #
  • 09:27 RT @MichaelHyatt: “People are either in a crisis, coming out of 1, or headed for 1.” The Noticer, @AndyAndrews new bk is.gd/qNnv #
  • 09:42 [djchuang.com] connecting in Chicago ow.ly/7pBg #
  • 12:54 got 4 shots to fly Dfw-Ord standby… hope to get there earlier #
  • 14:14 whoa, 43 on standby list for prev flt, 42 on list for next flight, i didnt make either… 2 more tries for dfw-ord #
  • 14:45 54 people on the standby list for DFW-ORD next flight when I got to gate; but agent says I'm on top of list, AAdvantage Gold good 4 smthing #
  • 15:06 in a middle seat 7e for dfw-ord standby, but arriving 90 mins earlier than orig flt that had aisle seat; ptl #
  • 15:13 87 comments stirred up around the post "is francis chan a sell-out?" tinyurl.com/dj3gpb — will it break 100? #
  • 17:51 on the ground in Chicago, next stop = food, en route to northbrook – at O'Hare International Airport (ORD) bkite.com/07zVi #

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