19:21 watched X-MEN Origins: Wolverine,

  • 19:21 watched X-MEN Origins: Wolverine, good entertainment even tho it didnt get super ratings from critics #
  • 10:03 @shaunking people that ask if it's uppercase or lowercase for email or web don't get it either; web address and email are case-insensitive #
  • 11:15 @Jyrg1 what makes tokbox better? multi-user video chat, like up to 12 or 15, and no separate software download/ installation #
  • 12:01 RT @RealHughJackman: Thank you to everyone who has already seen the movie and for all you positive feedback. It really means a lot! #
  • 12:41 RT @ShermanHu: 29 Twitter Apps for the iPhone Compared bit.ly/hPgR4 #
  • 12:52 I'm now at Aliso Viejo Pky & Grand, Aliso Viejo, CA 00, United States / Aliso Viejo CA – bkite.com/074SC #
  • 14:06 RT @MultiSiteGuy: Every multi-site church is different & has a unique "church-print." There is no one-size fits all formula #
  • 14:38 free froyo at red mango for another hour #tworco twitpic.com/4fmdy #
  • 15:36 [djchuang.com] habits of a web worker: co-working on the go ow.ly/4REe #

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