20:50 RT @johntmeche3: Is it

  • 20:50 RT @johntmeche3: Is it just me or does Tim Keller sound like John Malkovich? Kinda creepy…and kinda awesome! #
  • 08:53 intro video for Verisign VIP Access was moved to tinyurl.com/d5j3ne – iPhone app secure login w new pw every 30 secs #
  • 11:08 i'm not eligible?! "Sorry, you are not eligible for registering a VIP Credential with your AOL account" tried to use VIP Access w AOL #
  • 12:30 note 2 self: use talkshoe.com instead of blogtalkradio.com to schedule live episodes during prime time #
  • 13:40 any other web apps? // RT @ryanbauer411 @Figliuolo hootsuite.com & splitweet.com for web apps to manage mulitple twitter accounts #
  • 17:33 on ustream now — RT @lbusby58: is watching the Rock and Worship Road Show! www.therockandworshiproadshow.com/rstv.html #

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