18:27 it’s BURGER time!! feels

  • 18:27 it's BURGER time!! feels great to fire up the grill… esp when easy as turning a knob #
  • 18:47 @methodusti me neither! *high 5 + knuckle bump* #
  • 20:29 RT @dpark75 @jadanzzy: why are asian-american Christians so obsessed w obedience as a central marker of faith? Oh wait, I know. CONFUCIUS! #
  • 08:57 found: video of Flamingo Road's Flamingoroad.org history & its big vision tinyurl.com/c8vv5e #
  • 10:59 #exponential09 is hashtag for Exponential Conference 2009 in Orlando nxt wk– twas established by @pastorcope and @Matt_larson #
  • 12:39 @claytonbell @anivus wanted 2 go to exponential, but catalyst west also same week, so i'm stay here in cali, no fla for me #
  • 12:41 @malcolmtyree hashtags get established by first one who calls it; if you can rally troops to a shorter one, do try shifting the tide #
  • 12:48 RT @pastorstoday Free Download- Inside the World of Executive Pastors: Leadership Network's 2009 Survey leadnet.org/DownloadFile.asp #
  • 13:56 didn't know this- "it usually takes a few hours for the human vocal cords to fully warm up after a night's sleep" tinyurl.com/d6vofs #
  • 16:30 List of recommended events now posted at ow.ly/2RJs regularly updated #
  • 17:05 Free 4/22 online seminar: Who Is Your Church, Really? Understanding Church DNA w Dave Fletcher & Carol Padgett ow.ly/2SwO #
  • 17:16 CNN Special Investigation: iPhones Don't Like Water tinyurl.com/ctvkcd #

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