20:40 @tonysteward i usu get

  • 20:40 @tonysteward i usu get those earbuds in the $20 to $40 range.. the $10 sound poor, and any more than $50 i cant tell the diff and might lose #
  • 07:00 Helicopter Egg Drop + $1000 in giveaways on Sat 4/11 at 10:00am (EDT) at Memorial Park in Pensacola, Florida! ow.ly/1RJu #
  • 07:45 RT @peterong: dr. edgar:: the gospel is not the four spiritual laws. the gospel is our call to suffer. we need to present this in the gospel #
  • 08:10 RT @human3rror: Free Ticket to Catalyst West Human3rror.com/?p=2907 // Random drawing to win 1 #
  • 08:27 RT @chrisbrogan: @lihsa – Fancast is like Hulu. It's got lots more database info too. www.fancast.com . Run by the ComCast folks. #
  • 08:30 m.tweete.net yet another mobile web app for twitter; very lightweight and has retweet #
  • 09:30 found: "The Rise of Megachurches" on WNYC radio MP3 audio length 33:57 bit.ly/mhK July 2008 #
  • 09:30 wp25 #
  • 09:31 @human3rror yup, will be at Catalyst West.. see you there! ** couldn't DM you back b/c you don't follow me #
  • 10:00 found: visual map of relationships among the muckety muck, e.g. @guykawasaki twitpic.com/2thkf via muckety.com bit.ly/OEiUz #
  • 10:13 RT @blainehogan: New Blog Post: Holy week at a Megachurch tinyurl.com/HolyWeekMegaChurch #
  • 10:56 just found out: no free entry (or gift card) for Disneyland on my birthday in July bit.ly/lgHej it's a blackout date #
  • 11:16 Easter is when more people check out God and lives are changed! Make Easter Visible via LifeChurch.tv Online Church bit.ly/U7K2 #
  • 12:38 lunching at son's fav place- panda express 4 orange chicken ; oh so gooood cf. search 4 jo koy on yt twitpic.com/2tsje #
  • 15:33 twitter is on my custom t-shirt from @printfection – i'm wearing it now
    twitpic.com/2u5bf #
  • 16:33 yes tweeps, Peeps are now in orange, just in time for Easter twitpic.com/2u9jz #
  • 17:14 @darellano printfection.com makes custom t-shirts online, got mine within a week #
  • 17:15 @steveschai i dont like that question; i've been telling people the question to twitter is: what are you thinking? finding? hearing? #

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