20:42 mmnmmmm.. dinnered at best

  • 20:42 mmnmmmm.. dinnered at best fast food chicken possible = El Pollo Loco ! crazy about their chicken #
  • 03:54 watching that Driscoll vs Deepak et al debate @pastormark said "Jesus is a big dude.. you may have heard of him.." tinyurl.com/cotsst #
  • 04:00 RT @bradbig @anderson_scott: "8 Things to Know About the Nightline's Satan Debate" @jamiemunson bit.ly/2hqezt #
  • 04:50 I know Deepak Chopra has more $$ from his teachings on "higher consciousness" but I have more twitter followers than him 🙂 #
  • 04:51 RT @jamiemunson: @PastorMark got his face powdered. 1,000 people in audience witnessed 1st hand bit.ly/iESVh #
  • 07:37 @RobertPooley deepak is popular but i couldnt tell from debate; he sounded mostly like a naturalist ie truth is only via senses #
  • 08:44 upcoming iphone app // RT @pigpen6978: WebJuice- charge your iPhone over the air via wifi post.ly/BmW #
  • 10:39 found: everything we can find about Tim Keller and by Tim Keller at www.timkeller.info #
  • 10:50 RT @danohlerking: paul scanlon @HPC "habit is a scaffolding for desire" make good habits & that will create new cause & effect in your life. #
  • 10:53 @Johnwsnyder u were so close to my home this morning! a stone throw away, if u could throw like king kong #
  • 10:57 RT @anderson_scott: Really helpful site. Go check out the new and really useful "Tim Keller Wiki": www.timkeller.info/ #
  • 10:59 RT @edkieb: Evernote is giving away 10 Griffin Clarifi iPhone cases a week. Enter by twittering #EvernoteClarifiGiveaway to be eligible #
  • 11:13 I'm broadcasting live video now – a skycam view of my living room live.djchuang.com #
  • 11:30 theooze.tv/ is launching March 31st – sign up to receive premiere updates theooze.tv/ #
  • 11:37 @pastorVOLSfan what's going to be your next assignment after your bittersweet wknd? #
  • 11:42 RT @gideony: Time is calling "Neo-Calvinism" one of the top ten ideas changing the world now. bit.ly/IGU0 #
  • 11:47 RT @reggiewirjadi Time Magazine "10 IDEAS Changing the World Right Now" bit.ly/ta26 global economy being remade #
  • 13:01 just made a 3 minute video about my life journey and self-awareness at Big Think tinyurl.com/cqulz3 #
  • 14:07 @toddrhoades i usu go with soup and salad… unlimited supply is really nice! #
  • 16:13 RT @dawnnicole: Chk it out www.whitehouse.gov/openforquestions/ Can enter any question & ones w/most pop votes are answered #
  • 17:38 firing up grill for son's 12th birthday party, with 20-some friends… burgers and hot dogs on the grill ! #

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