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  • 19:25 [new @ djchuang.com] how to be a movement leader twurl.nl/vxuuhi #
  • 19:38 found another mobile twitter app at twit2d.com called twitstat mobile — has retweet, ego search, vips, more #
  • 19:51 how can I use google calendar sync on iPhone if i already use exchange to sync my outlook email?! #
  • 08:20 my eyes look very fuzzy these days, even with glasses; i think i'm due for bifocals ); #
  • 08:24 @rhinorun neuva sync wants to use exchange on iphone, and iphone only allows 1 exchange mail/calendar/contact account #
  • 08:48 RT @SherrySurratt Please pray 4 a sweet little 4th grader, who has lost sight in her right eye, doctors don't know why. Pray for her mama 2 #
  • 09:34 read CNN transcript bit.ly/100GQ0 of American Morning w @davetravis dubbed a megachurch researcher quoted w/ 1-liner #
  • 13:07 found: ABC's What would you do? … looks like Candid Camera with a twist abcnews.go.com/whatwouldyoudo #
  • 14:29 well, I like the color 🙂 found book — "The Orange Code: How ING Direct Succeeded by Being a Rebel with a Cause" bit.ly/WYKN #
  • 15:23 Redeemer Sermon Store discontinuing audio cassettes this month sermons.redeemer.com/store/ I don't even have a tape player, do you? #

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