07:26 @tonysteward churches can much

  • 07:26 @tonysteward churches can much more easily build a web app rather than native app to get info out to iphones #
  • 07:38 RT @rossandtaya: are being challenged by reading about the Chinese church, especially their seven core values: tinyurl.com/chinac#
  • 07:56 @david_norman rest and get well first… we can video chat some time, a temporary substitute until nxt time #
  • 08:13 RT @kathyIreland: Don't like labels and believe that good people can disagree and discuss powerful issues & not become disagreeable. #
  • 10:04 theooze.tv/ is launching March 31st – sign up to receive premiere updates theooze.tv/ #
  • 12:26 [new @ djchuang.com] Bob Buford’s Top 10 Values twurl.nl/d3d2ty #
  • 12:26 [new @ djchuang.com] why sex is for marriage twurl.nl/a03rqm #
  • 13:01 french toast for a 2nd straight day, this one at ihop in laguna niguel california twitpic.com/2bp0f #
  • 13:03 RT @missrogue: RT @lockshin: This is a good article on Obama's online organizing operation. is.gd/nIMW #
  • 13:57 got a worpress error at ur blog just now; missed meeting u at sxsw #
  • 15:17 really annoyed; misplaced my bluetooth headset, again… #
  • 16:18 found: everything we can find about Tim Keller and by Tim Keller at www.timkeller.info #

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