djchuang in The City

What a time in the city of cities– I love new york! The energy pulsated thru my body soon as I stepped off the train and hit the pavement at Penn Stn after my late nite ride in from Newark airport.

Attended and live-twittered the Q conference fr Wed morning to Fri noon, metup with lots of great kingdom-minded people, incl 2 dinner parties and reception w next gen Asian Ams + 1 Canadian, 2 miniature stogies on the balcony w Brian Kim of NOC. Great times + connects + conversations.

Annoying thing was data network outages at least 2x a day. What’s up with that?! (AT+T EDGE ntwk)

Unexpectedly hit the wall yesterday afternoon – the wall of exhaustion. I humbled myself, even cancelled an appointment, and slowed down. Took a 2 hour nap. Wound down with Szechuan cuisine a la Sichuan braised fish fillet in triple-spicy chili just in time before kitchen closed. Exhiliaratingly hot! Sweating soggy as I left, as last ones out.

Gonna take it slower/easier until Sunday– not gonna cram in 7 meetings a day; 2 on docket for today. 1 poor guy on train announced he was short $2.50 for train ride- I’m not a cash guy, and wasn’t sure about believing him.

Working on my local itinerary for tomorrow/Sunday to worship at as many NYC churches as possible, then off to dine w/ Peter Ahn for Sunday supper. Don’t want to lug around my luggage all day after hotel check-out- but haven’t figured that dilemma out yet.

Come early Monday morning, flight to next stop in Seattle, for the multisite exposed conference @ Mark Driscoll’s homebase- Mars Hill Church.

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